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 Last weekend we took a trip to SeaWorld. It was so much fun! Dan and I haven’t been in years and none of the girls have ever been. They have a ton of awesome shows to watch and lots of rides and different aquariums to look at. Olivia was about 1/2 an inch too short for most of the rides though so that was a bit of a bummer but everything else was great. I wish I would have gotten a picture of all five of us eating turkey legs, that was classic πŸ™‚P5265769

Petting the dolphins! Alyssa and Sierra said they felt really smooth and rubbery.



Ready to watch the Dolphin show πŸ™‚


Dolphins waving good-bye!

P5265904 P5265901 P5265902 P5265911 P5265967

Couldn’t miss the Shamu show!



Olivia was really worried she was going to fall off this polar bear.


This was a really cool ocean themed acrobatic show.


Ready for dinner! We ate at this really cool restaurant inside the shark exhibit. The whole place was one big aquarium so we were surrounded by sharks!

(photo taken on Dan’s phone. Can you see the shark in the background?)

2012 Circus at HPDS!

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This year Olivia was one of Mrs. B’s Olympic Athletes for the circus! They practiced SO SO SO hard and I think it shows! They did an amazing job <3


After school, Olivia’s friend Charlie V and his parents threw an awesome graduation party!

P5245681 P5245702 P5245703 P5245725 P5245727

THIS laugh is what keeps Dan and I going every day! <3




Olivia graduates from Pre-K!

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Olivia graduated from Pre-K at Hyde Park Day School this year. WOW! What a great two years. She learned so much, made so many great friends, and had so much fun!


Mrs O’Brien starting the show.


Mrs. Barroner – Olivia’s AMAZING teacher! We will miss her terribly.



She said she wants to be a mommy and a teacher when she grows up <3


Getting ready to sing the Florida Alphabet song.


Still waiting for the music to start…


P5225585 P5225586

She was upset that I didn’t bring her flowers. So… I brought her some after school :0)P5225587


A few of her best friends – Adyson and Madison

(untitled) (untitled)

Texas Family comes to visit!

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Uncle Rick, Aunt Kim, Betsy, Cali, and Hayli came to visit over Mother’s Day weekend! It was really wonderful to spend time with everyone <3


Mother’s Day Brunch

Syncronized Swimming πŸ˜‰

P5134829 P5134840

Pirate Faces!

P5134844 P5134886


Cali Dancing πŸ™‚

Calling the dolphins LOL


I THINK this is limbo…

P5134912 P5134913 P5134919



P5145043P5145047 P5145081

Heelllooo Mr. Crab!

P5145101 P5145105 P5145121 P5145126

Looking for Eric, the fish


Having tea :0)

I took a ton of photos, if you want to see them all, here’s a slide show.

Mother’s Day Tea HPDS 2012

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Olivia’s class did so much for us at Mother’s Day Tea! All the moms felt so incredibly special! Thank you Mrs. B!


My sweet girl <3


They read us a story!


Olivia, Wells, and Adyson getting ready to sing us a song.


My present!


They each made us a You and Me Book. It was really cool to see what Olivia wrote about me! Very insightful. πŸ˜‰

LOVE this! Olivia and her friends worked so hard to learn this. So sweet!

This video is long but it was so cute! Olivia and her friends kept looking back at all the mommies to see if we were crying “happy tears” <3