Chuck E Cheese and Picnic with Grandma

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We had left over tokens from a birthday party so Oliva, Grandma, and I had lunch at Chuck’s. Then we went to the “tree park” for Grandma’s company picnic. Olivia had a blast with the bubbles.

P5064635 P5064636 P5064638 P5064641

I’m not sure who was having more fun on this one, Grandma or Olivia? 🙂


Olivia hit the jackpot and won about 80 tickets in one shot!

P5064646 P5064649

P5064653 P5064654 P5064656 P5064657 P5064659 P5064660 P5064663 P5064670 P5064673 P5064679 P5064681 P5064695 P5064698 P5064699

I was playing with the “antique” effect on this one. Not sure if I like it or not…

P5064702 P5064704 P5064707 P5064713 P5064720 P5064739 P5064748

Her “don’t take any more pictures of me” face

P5064750 P5064752 P5064761

Her “I don’t want to go home yet” face

Chuck E Cheese for Madison’s Birthday

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Olivia’s buddy, Madison, turned 5 in April. We had a really great time at her Chuck E Cheese party! Thank goodness they’ve remodeled the place since I was a kid 😉

The birthday girl got to get into this ticket booth where you can catch as many tickets as possible! She caught like 300!

Spring Carnival (April 2012)

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We went to the Carnival with Olivia’s “girlie,” Ellianna. Those two are just so fun to be around! They are such sweet, funny kids.

Stars Gymnastics Spring Fling!

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Olivia has been taking gymnastics for about a year and a half and she recently started on “pre-team.” She really enjoys it and her coach, Sasha, is amazing! In late April, the pre-team and the “level 3” team gymnists put on a show for us to prepare them for competitions and performing in front of people. It was a great experience! (and to top it off, we won the raffle prize!)

Olivia is in light pink with grey shorts.

OMG! A & S R 12! LOL

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Its official! Sierra and Alyssa are in their last year of being able to order off the kids menu… they turned 12 on 4/29! As is our tradition, we celebrated Grandpa’s birthday too with a cake from Cold Stone! Yum Yum Yum 🙂











P4214197 P4214202 P4214203

Not really sure what Sierra is doing here… hahaha

P4214205 P4214207P4214211 P4214213 P4214229 P4214233 P4214243 P4214248 P4214249 P4214250 P4214253 P4214264 P4214269 P4214270 P4214304 P4214278 P4214308 P4214310 P4214320